Infant School: Early Years Foundation Stage

Our target is for our Infant School to become the first-choice school for discerning families with children under five in our local area by providing good quality early learning and childcare services, giving the children the best start in life.

Children have a natural love for learning at this age and this is carefully nurtured by our team of supportive qualified and experienced teachers led by Mrs. Ruth Ovedje who encourage their curiosity as well as promote their social, emotional and physical development.

The classes in the Infant School and the ages of children in each class are:

Learning through explorative play and activities that are created to meet the age and developmental needs of babies, our experienced and well-trained staff at The Crèche know the importance of the extra care and love these little people need. Watch your baby bloom and come into their own in our care. Our staff will be there to welcome you and your precious little one from 07:00am until 05:30pm.

Daily reports will keep you updated on your child’s day at The Creche and our periodic reports on your child’s development milestones.

Some just beginning to talk, trying to walk and learning to listen, this group of 12 to 24-month olds are full of energy and so loads of activities are a big part of the school day. You will find them completely spent and very satisfied after such fun days here.

We recognize that in these formative years of the toddler’s life, many habits learned go on to affect a child’s behavioral patterns. We guide them appropriately as they develop, treat situations with the importance they deserve realizing these are stepping stones to your child’s education and development of their social and emotional skills at an early age. As a number of children will be leaving home for the first time, our staff are on hand to make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible for every child in any way they can. The Toddler Room is open from 07:00am until 05:30pm.

We run the British Curriculum in The Preschool where we focus on learning without forgetting the importance of fun. In an environment where play and learning go hand in hand, children are offered opportunities for creative learning. They are at an age when they begin participating in activities for longer periods – listening to stories, singing songs, playing games and doing arts & crafts projects, therefore Preschool is a happy place for exploration every day!

Theme based lesson plans keep children interested and make learning fun as children are introduced to numbers, letters, phonics, art etc. and are exposed to other cultures and traditions, have group experiences in the classroom and playground and move to the rhythm of music. Through stories children learn to appreciate language, gain new vocabulary and learn to use new words and concepts. Simple songs and games are also an important introduction to speech patterns, sensory and motor skills development and movement skills.

It is an important time for each child to learn about sharing and getting along with others and we work opportunities for these learning experiences into their activities.

The Preschool is open from 07:00am until 12:30pm.

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