What’s in a name?

Play is serious stuff. It is a child’s full-time job and must be taken seriously. This is because it is not just fun and games but the very basis of how children learn, develop and grow into their own. It is the foundation of our curriculum that is why we chose our name, the Play Academy.

At the Play Academy we aim to provide high quality learning experiences which will enable every child in our care become a happy and confident learner recognizing that each child will develop at their own pace and in their own way physically, intellectually, socially and mentally.

Play Academy Premise

The Play Academy experience

We offer a holistic approach to early childhood education that supports the needs of children through a mix of child-led and planned activities with a keen focus on application-based learning. The Play Academy child learns by doing and we pride ourselves in the dedicated work our staff put into lesson planning and preparation to ensure each lesson is an unforgettable learning experience for their class every time.

This time honoured tradition continues everyday as we nurture children to believe in their abilities, to remain curious about the world around them, to rise to challenges as we find creative ways to bring the British Curriculum to life in our classrooms while integrating aspects of the Nigerian curriculum, so they can relate their learning with their local environment. We are developing global citizens in our classrooms for a fast-changing world and value the involvement and support of our parents as partners in this experience to ensure the children explore and reach their fullest potential.

How is it different at Play Academy?

A child in a typical nursery or primary school is exposed to the usual accelerated early-learning approaches that tend to focus largely on the skills needed for Math and English which may not appreciate alternative concepts of intelligence. Children in these settings often do not see the point of some of the work they are asked to complete at school, for example a 3-year-old may be able to complete math sums like 1+2=3 by rote learning. However, when faced with real world opportunities to apply this learning, they are unable to demonstrate understanding of the concept in such situations.

At PA however, we rely on the proven techniques of Experiential Learning, providing limitless opportunities to demonstrate the practical uses of Math, Science and other learning areas. Unlike in the approach which is limited to rote learning, our children learn that 1+2=3 and put the skills to test summing up dolls, toy cars, working out how many slides there are on the playground, how many spoons of sugar to add to the one spoon already in the pancake mix to make 5 spoons during a Creative Fingers class. Play therefore is a key component of experiential learning and so the next time you see your child playing in the sandpit, sorting toys or pretending to feed a stuffed animal, you are certain that they are learning and developing exactly as they should be.

The Play Academy vision

Our vision is to become the preferred choice for discerning families seeking good quality early years and primary education, giving their children the best start in life.

The Play Academy mission

To each child, we commit to tirelessly exploring opportunities for learning inside and outside the classroom to enable them to demonstrate their full potential for excellence.

This is summarized in our mission to: Unlock opportunities … Liberate potential … Spur excellence!


We have carefully chosen the Trans Amadi Gardens Estate, an upscale serene environment for our location in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The estate is safe and boasts amenities, particularly security, that are not readily available nor easily accessible in other locations. Our discerning clientele appreciate this.

Our Classrooms

Learning begins from the moment children arrive at school, meaning the classroom is everywhere and everywhere is a classroom –the signs on the walls, the growing plants, the notice boards, up the steps until they reach their classrooms. Your child will feel safe and secure in our clean, comfortable classrooms that are designed for learning. Our child-sized furniture helps your child participate effectively in all activities and develop self-reliance as they navigate their classroom. Depending on the age group, activities in the classroom are enriched by an abundance of toys, blocks, games, puzzles, music and books. Children work and play in small groups in the learning centers around their classroom and are often involved in block play, reading, quiet play, art, manipulatives for exploration and problem solving. In this environment, your child can become involved in meaningful, self-directed activities.

Outdoor Play

Our learning often goes from the classroom to the outdoors with various activities designed to keep the children excited and engaged in their learning journeys. You can follow these activities in our weekly newsletters from each class.

Our safe playground is built for the development of children and your child will make delightful memories climbing, balancing, sliding, swinging, riding, sand/water play etc. with other children all under the watchful supervision of our skilled and experienced staff. You can rest assured that your child is safe, secure and happy with friends. Teachers have outdoor time planned daily, weather permitting.

Contact Information

📍House 8, Road 22, Close B
Trans-Amadi Gardens Estate, Port Harcourt
📞 +234 81 8125 1790
✉ info@playacademy.com

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